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What’s Cooking – October

PumpkinThe weather is cooling off as we ease our way into autumn. It always gets me thinking of comfort food and this time of year it’s hot, savory soups, packed with flavor.

When making a purchase for our “home store” I like to go after what’s appropriate for the season and what’s on SALE! Here’s what’s on sale at our on-line shop for you to select from all this month.

Asparagus Beef Bouillon
Chopped Onions Chicken Bouillon
Instant Black Beans Cilantro
Salad Seasoning Blend Chef’s Choice


And here’s that soup recipe I promised you. Ready to serve in less than 25 minutes.

That’s cooking!

Creamy Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup

You can always browse around our Recipe Page and see what strikes your fancy.


For Him – Let’s not forget something for the guys… How about one of our best selling items?

Fuel Reserve 32 pack

The Fuel Reserve 32 pack provides you with a supply of Quickfire Fuel Pucks™, an ideal fuel source for starting fires or fueling portable wood-burning stoves during camping, hiking, or any emergency situations.

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