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What You Need to Know About the Current Egg Crisis

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Photos: Hen – wiselywoven/MorgueFile + Eggs – Scarletina/MorgueFile

You may have noticed the price of a dozen eggs has doubled (in some cases tripled) over the last couple of months. There are two major factors causing this (depending upon where you live.)

  1. Avian Flu

Egg production in the central United States has been hit hard by the avian flu. wiselywoven - Hen MorgueFile Poultry in Minnesota and Iowa have been hardest hit.

How big is the problem? 32 million chickens in the Midwest alone, most of them involved in “liquid egg products.” Liquid egg is used in the food service and food manufacturing industries as well as restaurants across the country. As this source becomes scarcer, many reach out to buy whole eggs to fill the shortage. It becomes a very simple case of supply and demand driving up the cost of eggs in your local supermarket.

  1. Government Regulation

This is one aspect few are talking about. At the beginning of the year California Proposition 2 went into effect.

Scarletina Eggs MorgueFileCalifornia libtard Jared Huffman introduced a bill that would require Proposition 2’s provisions apply to ALL eggs SOLD in the state, no matter where the eggs were laid. It’s bad enough that the regulation has dramatically reduced the number of hens a commercial farm can house, and dramatically increased their costs in a year of increased demand; they want to extend their Marxist practices to all farms that ship to their state. If any of you know someone at Foster Farms in California, you might want to suggest to their bosses to contact Tim Corder. The Republican state senator out of Idaho would like to make them a grand offer to move.

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